Business Launch

    After two years of formulation and creation of a brand new (and real exciting) concept, the founder was experiencing a little inertia. The creation of a new venture had required too much creative juices and the whole project seemed to stuck in the mud – spinning it’s wheels. We were brought in to metaphorically turn the wheel a little, remove the blocks from under the tires, and give it a push.

    After eight weeks of direct (and sometimes painful) conversations the vast options were broken down into bit sized pieces of  ‘next step’ tasks. It’s not that the work is done, nor does it mean that the difficult conversations are a thing of the past, but the train is moving. Currently in the $270k pre-seed fundraising stage, reaLife is moving in an exciting direction again. Sometimes an outside perspective is needed to shake the ‘next steps’ from the ‘exciting potential’.

    • Branding / Identity

    • Filtering

    • Fundraising

    • Pitch Deck

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