sales and web marketing expertDan is an entrepreneur, author, and coach that focuses on how old school tools and tactics fit into the web sales & marketing paradigm… Allow an expert to train you (individually or as a group) on how to successfully implement psychology infused old school sales tricks to use in social media and web marketing in growing your business footprint.

Having sold for virtually every industry category, Dan has accrued a significant amount of expertise in sales & marketing that can save you the hassle of learning from your own mistakes. He wants to use his knowledge and experience to train you on how to use behavioral sales and marketing to expand your business using the digital tools of this brave new paradigm.

Top Training and Coaching Options:

Sales Team:

Most sales reps are either so experienced that the web is daunting, or so fresh that old school sales means polyester ties—rather than skills that can help them make money. Get them all in a room together and we’ll make your team better—together.


We focus on a product, service, or one behavioral sales and marketing category (branding, referrals generation, sales scripts & systems, SEO, social media, etc) creating a baseline in one training class.

13 Week Overhaul:

This process walks through a complete overview of your business during a 1 week intensive on site assessment, 30 days to create of a plan with leadership (remote), and a 1 day plan presentation of a 13 week (one quarter) business reboot.

Custom Topic:

Many teams (and leaders), have an idea of what’s missing, but are not sure which tools are necessary to resolve the issue. Custom topic trainings require a 1 hour leadership consultation (with additional 30 minute team member consultations available) to understand the current situation—followed by trainings that range from 1 hour to weekend events.

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Category Based Updating: